My name is Shannon and most days you’ll find me diving into new recipes, working on my lavender farm and cooking up nourishing meals for friends and family. Much of my inspiration comes from the natural rhythm of the seasons and the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Recipes are created and shared from my kitchen on the Kitsap Peninsula in western Washington.


School taught me a lot about the “science” of food. I was curious about the way food and health worked together; I even earned a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences, followed by a Masters in Health Education and Wellness Promotion. But science can’t explain our heartfelt connection with food. Food is deeply personal, especially when it comes to the homegrown and homemade.

There are a million reasons why we cook and why we choose the foods we do. These reasons are vastly different for each of us. While recipes may be homogeneous—how we choose to mix-up, create and re-create recipes are not. Explore and cherish your own style of cooking.

I believe a focus on local and seasonal ingredients offers gains in better health, as well as “homegrown” support to local farmers and growers. It fosters a connection with people and communities who share common values. What’s more, even on a small daily scale, homegrown meals you cook yourself can truly bring people together in a meaningful way.

It’s good to look around and realize that our relationship with food is always evolving. A change of diet is sometimes called for when we make changes in our lives. This change can be both powerful and healing.

It is with these thoughts in mind, that Homegrown Provisions was born. I hope you find a little homegrown inspiration here.

Thanks for stopping by!