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Eggnog Smoothie

Rich, creamy and perfectly spiced, this dairy-free eggnog smoothie can be enjoyed, morning, noon and night!

Nothing celebrates the holiday season quite like eggnog. Just one sip has you dancing to Jingle Bell Rock. This year I’ve put a twist on traditional eggnog, to create a dreamy, dairy-free treat.

Eggnog in the…

Strawberry Lime Chia Fresca

Refresh and hydrate with this whole fruit + chia-based energy drink!

A beautiful drink, chia fresca has origins in Guatemala and Mexico. The chia seed, (salvia hispanica) is historically and culturally known as “the running food” and is touted to have fueled Aztec warriors going into battle. These mighty seeds are…

Spiced Gin Holiday Punch

Put out punchbowl or pitcher of this festive, sophisticated and easy-to-make holiday cocktail at your next holiday party or gathering!

A signature cocktail is a must at any holiday gathering. With Thanksgiving coming up next week and Christmas just around the corner, a cocktail that was festive, unique and delicious was…

Summer Drink Series ☼ Blueberry Lemonade

“Summer is like a fresh glass of lemonade. You want to drink it fast, but you want it to last forever.”
–Susan Gale

Bright and refreshing, it goes without saying that this blueberry lemonade is the perfect addition to any summertime activity—picnic or otherwise! After all, can summer truly exist without…