Lavender Farm


Lavender is a wonder herb and for good reason. Vibrant yet calming, lavender’s incredible fragrance promotes relaxation, harmony and rebalance. Blessed with botanical beauty and power, lavender adds flavor and charm to recipes; a gentle boost to household cleaning; and calms the spirit, while relaxing the body. Lavender flowers’ staunch sprigs of beauty brighten any room; lavender sachets keep household linens fresh, and a spritz of lavender hydrosol (floral water) both soothes and refreshes. Even during winter’s darkest days, a whiff or view of a dried lavender bouquet reminds us that summer will return.

Lavender epitomizes the powerful role plants play in nurturing our health and wellbeing. At Homegrown Provisions, we are excited to share our love of plants through home-crafted recipes, freshly grown lavender, and handcrafted lavender products, created with love and care, direct from our small lavender farm located in beautiful Kitsap County, Washington.


Homegrown Provisions cultivates lavender free of herbicides or pesticides. Environmental stewardship and agricultural sustainability are at the heart of our family-run farm. We are proud to be Salmon-Safe certified.

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Lavender Mint Iced Tea - Perfect for summer! Recipe via Homegrown Provisions #plantbased #icedtea #lavender #mint
Lavender Mint Iced Tea
Vegan Lavender Ice Cream | Homegrown Provisions
Vegan Lavender Ice Cream