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Lavender Chia Parfaits

Waking up in the morning is hard. Breakfast shouldn’t be.

Luscious, ripe Black Mission figs, coconut milk yogurt, and lavender-infused chia seed pudding get all layered up in these super lux Lavender Chia Parfaits. Pampering yourself in the morning has never been easier! Not to mention well-deserved and a lot more…

Peach Lavender Sorbet

Dried lavender blossoms bring out floral peach flavors in this delicious, no-churn peach lavender sorbet. 

Peach and lavender. Lavender and peach. However you look at it, this pairing is a winner. Summertime is the perfect season to whip up this delicious sorbet—it’s so refreshing! Peaches are in seasonal abundance and lavender, freshly cut…